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MC 270

Electric Industrial Burden Carrier

Electric MC 270 Industrial Burden Carrier

Product Information

The MC-270 is the industry’s smallest electric burden carrier. Its narrow, highly maneuverable design can fit through most standard door openings, and will bring you and materials closer to workstations. This low-profile, multi-purpose electric burden carrier boasts a long deck for more cargo space, all-steel unibody construction and hefty 14″ plate steel front cowl. Its low-step entry reduces operator fatigue; its dual self-adjusting drum brakes ensure safe braking performance.

MC 270 Industrial Burden Carrier


Motor    10 hp
Voltage    36v
Transmission    Dual V-Belt Drive
Controller    SEPEX
Batteries    6 x 6v
Steering    Automotive Style
Seating    Bucket Seat
Weight    476 kg
Height    96 cm
Length    211 cm
Width    76 cm
Wheelbase    84 cm

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