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Glutton Electric Vacuum Cleaner

For Urban and Industrial Applications

Glutton Electric Vacuum

Product Information

The Glutton® has revolutionised the work of road maintenance staff. The cleaning attendant has traded in his broom and his litter picker for a modern machine.

Easy to use, the Glutton® industrial vacuum cleaner saves time and makes work more comfortable, reduces effort, and improves health and safety: Glutton® engineers have thought of everything to make the work of the street sweeper and maintenance staff easier.

In addition, it’s perfectly silent and environmentally friendly. Two essential assets today for cities who are counting on ecological solutions in order to increase the well-being of their inhabitants.

Glutton Electric Vacuum

  • 100 % electric powered, it vacuums up all kinds of waste with 12 hours independent operation in normal usage.
  • Zero CO2 emissions thanks to the electric technology.
  • A silent operator, it can be used anywhere and at any time, without causing noise pollution.
  • With its 24m2 anti-dust filter and no dust ejected into the atmosphere, it is also environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to handle, self-propelled, well designed and ergonomic: it is extremely simple to use.
  • It is equally effective outdoors (pavements, public roads, car parks etc.) and indoors (workshops, halls, warehouses, workshops etc.)
  • Its “intelligent” and “integrated” battery charger can recharge the batteries anywhere, an electric socket is all that is required.
  • Thanks to its electric technology, it requires virtually no maintenance or replacement of spare parts.
  • The Glutton® vacuums up any waste that will pass through a 12.5cm tube: paper, cardboard, cigarettes packets and butts, cans and glass, plastic and metal bottles, dog faeces, dead leaves, waste trapped in tree grills, wood, steel and aluminium chips, etc.
  • The Glutton® can be used on all types of ground: concrete, tarmac, paving, lawn, cinder tracks, sand etc.


Model 2411
Tyres Puncture Proof
Fully Adjustable Armrest Yes
Kerb Mounting Height 18 cm
Secure Compartment Yes
Anti Clog Grill Yes
Sound Proofing Double
Battey Indicator Yes
Litter Picker Optional
Headlamps Optional
LED Side Lights Optional
Plastic Bin Liner Kit Optional
Cool Lunch Box Optional
Reversing Signal Optional
Horn Yes

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