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MT 900

Electric Tow Tug

MT 900 Electric Tow Tug

Product Information

This electric tow tug is a powerhouse, it tows up to a massive 90,000 kg load and brakes on a dime. Nothing matches it in the industry. It’s also remarkably maneuverable, thanks to its short turning radius, smooth power steering, and dual planetary wheel drive with parallel controls to prevent spinning and lateral sliding.

Safe and efficient inching control buttons
Makes hitching remarkably easy. Just step out of the vehicle and use the buttons at the back to slowly and safely inch it into position. Ideal for jobs requiring precise tow hitching.

Silent and effortless electric power steering
Increases maneuverability in tight settings. Silent, effortless steering also reduces the operator fatigue that can lead to accidents. Makes more efficient use of batteries to prolong vehicle running time.


Motor    2 x 15 hp shunt motors
Voltage    48V
Transmission    Direct drive, helical gears accelerator/brake pedal, inching controls on rear
Controller    Dual 400A SEPEX controllers
Body    All-steel unibody construction
Steering    Power Steering, Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column

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