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MT 160

Electric Tow Tug

MT 160 Electric Tow Tug

Product Information

Just 77cm wide, this stand-up will take you and your loads just about anywhere, even through narrow doorways. The ideal tow tractor for casinos, textile plants and other tight spaces requiring stop-and-go operations. It’s impressive towing/picking abilities also make it a good stock chaser alternative.

Stability-boosting dual front wheels
Improves vehicle stability and manoeuvrability. Robust dual design is twice as strong as a single wheel. Increases wheel lifespan and reduces maintenance as wheels suffer less wear and tear.

Versatile, heavy-duty hitches
Ensures quick and safe hitching, even with heavy loads. Most of our vehicles work with multiple hitch configurations and a wide range of attachments. Some models, like our Clevis hitch with safety spring, work with a simple hand release system or remotely from the driver’s seat. Tailored solutions also available.

Energy-saving regenerative braking
Lengthens running time by using energy more efficiently. Braking is automatically applied whenever the accelerator is released, feeding energy back into the battery. Operator also uses the brake less often, reducing wear and tear.


Motor    6 hp
Voltage    24v
Transmission    Direct drive
Controller    SEPEX
Batteries    4 x 6v
Steering    Automotive Steering Wheel

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