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E-250 GT

Electric Tow Tug

E-250 GT Electric Tow Tug

Product Information

The E-250GT electric tow tractor is mechanically identical to the E250 electric tow tractor. However, it comes with a moulded front bonnet and stylish steering wheel and dash, complete with cup holder!

This electric tug has a cruising speed of 10 mph and transports you and your stock three times as fast as by foot.

This electric tow tug has a powerful 6 hp motor, 24 volt batteries and on-board charger.

See below for a diagram of the e250 Electric Tow Tractor.

E-250 GT Electric Tow Tug


Power    Electric
Towing Capacity    1,850 kg
Max Speed    6 mph
Motor    6 hp
Controller    Electronic
Drive Axle    Automotive
Steering    Automotive
Seats    1 Bucket Seat
Wheels    Pneumatic

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