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Electric Platform Truck

R6 Electric Platform Truck R6 Electric Platform Truck R6 Electric Platform Truck R6 Electric Platform Truck

Product Information

The R6 4×4 is a 4 wheel drive electric vehicle that has been designed to be used on difficult grounds like sandy or muddy terrain. It is equipped with 2x800w motors.

It’s been designed to load up to 1000 kg on flat grounds and has a towing capacity of up to 4,000 kg. The frame is made from steel and powder coated with exterior paint. It can be equipped with several accessories that can be easily interchanged.

The R6 4×4 is supplied with a key for easy start up, emergency stop button, LED to show the battery power status, low level battery acoustic detector, and an external plug for a fast and easy charging.

The 2x800W motors have an electromagnetic brake that automatically engages when the power is turned off, this brake is more than adequate on slopes up to 30% when the machine is fully loaded.

The gear train is in a sealed oil bath, eliminating maintenance, the electric control unit is in an enclosed casing allowing the machine to be cleaned without causing short circuits.


Power    Electric
Carrying Capacity    800 kg
Range    12 miles
Charging Time    Approximately 4 Hours
Speed    3 mph
Turning Radius    4,000 mm
Length    2,112 mm
Width    906 mm
Engine    24 Volt
Charger    External
Transmission    Oil Bath
Frame Construction    Steel

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