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Battery Central Filling Systems

Battery Central Filling SystemsBattery Central Filling Systems

ePowerTrucks can offer basic, partially assembled and fully assembled battery watering kits.

A basic battery central filling system includes all of the valves, tees, end pieces and tubing required to assemble the battery filling kit.

A partially assembled battery filling system ships with strings of 3 or 4 valves with the tubing already attached. Extra tubing is provided to complete assembly of the battery filling kit.

A fully assembled battery filling kit is ready to be installed with no assembly of the battery watering kit required.


Reduce labour costs by 90-95%
With ePowerTrucks single-point battery filling system, there is no more opening vent caps manually and filling each cell individually. Instead, each battery is equipped with an easily installed series of interconnected valves which replace your existing vent caps. An electrolyte level indicator gives a visual indication that the cells were filled after watering. Water flows through a single connection, filling each cell accurately and efficiently. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds.


Keep the workspace clean and employees unharmed
When there is no need to remove the vent caps for maintenance, there’s no fear of damage to floors and equipment or of health hazards to people. Our battery central filling system also eliminates unsightly and potentially damaging acid spills.


Extend battery life and increase labour efficiency
Our clean, streamlined battery watering system prevents harmful corrosion build up on batteries, prolonging battery life when refilled accurately and consistently.

Battery Central Filling SystemsBattery Central Filling Systems

Our valves are manufactured in the USA in a state of the art manufacturing facility with only the highest quality materials. The manufacturing facility is ISO9000 certified and carries ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 approval certifications and is a Ford, Chrysler and GM Tier 1 Supplier.

The valves we use on our battery filling kits fit all industrial and golf car cell vent openings. The patented valve keeps all working parts above the battery cell and allows the battery to be filled with water at static pressures ranging from 6 psi to 80 psi.

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