ABM Facilities Takes Delivery of Road Legal Alke ATX 210e

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ABM Facilities takes delivery of Alke ATX 210e for use in Victoria Gate Shopping Centre Leeds

This road legal electric utility vehicle is a great addition to the fleet that can be used for multiple jobs including grounds maintenance, rubbish collection and general on-site facility maintenance.

Bentley Motors take delivery of their 18th Jobmaster HD from ePowerTrucks

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Bentley Motors take delivery of their 18th Jobmaster HD electric tug for use in the production lines.

3000kg tow capacity pedestrian controlled tug. Small maneuverable, reliable and very powerful.

The jobmaster HD pedestrian tow tug is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

This electric tug will cover approx 12m with a full load. Approx 4 hour recharge time with 240V charger. Low maintenance, silent running, easy to use.

The tiller arm folds back over the machine to take up minimal room, perfect for small lifts and storage.

Derby Manufacturer Takes Delivery Of E-330 Electric Burden Carrier For Use In Production Area

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A manufacturer in Derby has taken delivery of a E-330 burden carrier for use within the production area.

The E-330 electric flatbed truck stands out with superior maneuverability and safety.

Batteries are located on the rear to increase weight on the traction drive, enhancing the braking performance with a short stopping distance.

This electric truck’s steering is smoother thanks to less weight on the front axle. This electric vehicle has a 2400 mm long deck option to provide more cargo space.

A front brake option increases capacity to 1250 kg. A roll-out battery option for the electric truck facilitates battery maintenance and constant performance over a 24-hour shift.

ePowerTrucks Provides Tunnel Transport Solution For United Utilities

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North West water company United Utilities recently carried out the most extensive inspection ever done on the Haweswater Aqueduct, which links the Lake District with Manchester. Its team of engineers were safely transported along its 56-mile length by electric shuttle vehicles.

Paul Anderton, Senior Project Manager at United Utilities, said: “We thought these vehicles would be perfect for running safely and cleanly through pipes which are the backbone of the North West’s water pipeline network.

“We tested a specially-adapted version in an empty pipeline under Cumbria’s Tarn Moor in preparation for a major inspection of the aqueduct.”

ePowerTrucks, based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, is the exclusive UK importer and distributor of Motrec vehicles, which are manufactured in Canada. The company provided technical support and after-sales care to United Utilities.

Jerry Hanss, Managing Director of ePowerTrucks, said: “Our electric vehicles work all over the UK, so it is nice to be involved in a project so close to home.